All fiberglass processing is done in house, from pattern making and moulding to production of GRP components so we can ensure everything meets our exacting standards

Gel-Coat Colour Matching

Gel-Coat Colour Matching

We can match any non-metallic colour free of charge and because it is coloured as part of the manufacturing process there is no flaking/blistering that can happen with paint work.


Gel-Coat Colour Matching

The roof is structured to allow for maximum strength with minimum weight and the hexagonal plastic core also serves as an incredibly effective insulating panel.

Heat Resistance

Gel-Coat Colour Matching

We use resin with the highest heat distortion temperature possible for Polyester Resin, this ensures minimal expansion so the roof can cope with even the hottest days.

Mould Care

Gel-Coat Colour Matching

While often overlooked, proper mould care can make a big difference in ensuring product quality, all our moulds are made from long lasting hard wearing vinylester moulding resin and inspected and maintained weekly, this means our product comes out right every time.


Our T5 and T6 roofs are fully TUV tested, this testing is done at the TUV Rheinland testing facility in cologne and ensures that the roof fitment process does not alter the vehicle in a way that would make it unsafe. This is the only test available that is specifically designed to test the impact of elevating roof fitment on the vehicle, products tested in this manner will always show the TUV kitemark on any certification.


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