Our T5 and T6 roofs are fully TUV tested, this testing is done at the TUV Rheinland testing facility in cologne and ensures that the roof fitment process does not alter the vehicle in a way that would make it unsafe. This is the only test available that is specifically designed to test the impact of elevating roof fitment on the vehicle, products tested in this manner will always show the TUV kitemark on any certification.

The assessment of the impact of a roof cut-out on the vehicle structure is a multi stage process:

  • First the strengthening frame must conform to pre-existing parameters.
  • Then the donor vehicle is tested prior to any alteration to gather data for comparison.
  • This data is gathered using experimental stress analysis using strain gauges placed in the vehicle.
  • The test is done with maximum permissible masses in the vehicle which is driven through a series of driving manoeuvres multiple times, these manoeuvres are outlined by Road Traffic Licensing Regulation.
  • The process is then repeated after roof fitment and data compared.
  • Provided data is within the allowed boundaries the roof is considered a passed product and can then be associated with the TUV kitemark.


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