Your campervan is sitting there. You love the camperlife and whether it’s a trusty VW T5 or T6, a Transit Custom or a Vivaro, you long to get out and about.

Well winter is finally here and I’d argue that it’s one of the best times to see the countryside. Snow covered hilltops, crisp clean mornings and with no leaves on the trees, you get to see more of the beautiful British countryside than you can at any other time of the year.

The downside? It’s cold. In fact at the time of writing this it’s below freezing and the frost is hanging on the trees as though someone has been out with a spray can painting the branches white. It’s beautiful to look at, but perhaps not so great for camping in.

But of course you know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Instead you’d be reading a blog about snow-proof tents, storm lanterns and the use of crampons to traverse the north face of the Eiger. Instead you’re reading about campervans, most likely in the warmth and comfort of somewhere snug.

The whole point of a campervan is being able to enjoy the great outdoors; with all the joys of camping, but with the advantages of being warm, dry and comfortable too.

So it can be below zero and blowing a gale outside, yet you can be in the warmth of your van imagining the abject misery of being in a cold, damp tent.

All this can be true as long as you have an Austops elevating roof. Our pop-tops give you the best of both worlds: being inside your warm dry van, yet still being able to stand up at the same time.

There are of course alternatives.

Instead of an Austops roof, I guess you could have an awning. In which case you’ll be able to stand up alright, but the shock of crawling out of your sleeping bag to put on freezing cold, damp trousers may well finish you off.

Or I guess you could simply have a van with its standard roof. In which case getting dressed will involve a certain amount of contortion, as you wriggle about whilst trying to get dressed. You know the drill: struggling to avoid putting both legs into the same leg hole of your trousers and then banging your head on the roof as you stumble forward into the now boiling kettle. Your trip could end up taking in the sights and sounds of the local A&E if you’re not careful.

So may I suggest you avoid the discomfort and misery of doing without, and get an Austops roof fitted to your van? It will add usability, comfort and value to your van. And you will also have the luxury of looking on at the poor unfortunates without one.


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